the jempire

My name is Jem, I’m a web developer and content creator, and this is my little online empire.

screenshot of jem's personal blog
My personal blog with over 18 years of archives on everything from college and growing up, to relationships, mortgages and other boring adult stuff.

screenshot of jem's fitness blog
My fitness blog chronicles tales of mental and physical wellbeing, nutrition and general fitness geekery.

screenshot of jem's portfolio
My professional portfolio with examples of my recent WordPress development work.

Jem’s Mail Form
My free PHP mail form script allows users to receive mail from their website.

Used Nappies
The number 1 auction site in the UK to buy and sell washable cloth nappies.

Soft Play Reviews
Rating and reviewing soft play facilities and indoor play centres across the UK.

Central hub of womenswear with products from multiple UK retailers.

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